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Nōhime 濃姫
07 July 2009 @ 05:36 pm
In this world, there are things that come in pairs. Lovebirds, chopsticks, the obvious and not so obvious parts of one's body. Such a saying goes so far as to apply to people. If that gunman renegade is here as well as me, then I'm almost completely certain his feisty little girlfriend is also with him.

Which follows; if I am here, he must be here too. I cannot begin to fathom living in this trash without so much as his voice to listen to. Even if it might be for the better if he was not here.

Now, tell me sincerely. Where is my Lord Nobunaga?
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Nōhime 濃姫
04 July 2009 @ 03:05 pm
[There's some static before a clear image comes up, and boy is that a treat. The first thing you can see is somebody's cleavage. There's humming and twirling around, until it rests on a woman's face, contorted with anxiety well hidden. She has yet to realize what it is she held in her hands. When she speaks--finally--her voice is hissed.]

"Use this"? I don't mind using it if by using it means I destroy it. My beloved needs me. This isn't where I'm supposed to be. This--

[She stops and scans her surroundings slowly. The view returns to her face, this time, with a sorrowful, yet somehow alluring, smile.]

...Or perhaps I'm already where I belong, and this I'm seeing is a vision of the near future. [She frowns and chucks the communicator on the ground. The feed becomes static again, but you can see her walking away.]

How dare they take me forcibly into some desolate wasteland. I will return home and end what does not need to begin. Mitsuhide's foolish rebellion will be for naught when we emerge...dominant.

[The feed times out with the woman's body panning out of view.]
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