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Name: Nō/Nōhime/Nouhime
Fandom: Samurai Warriors 2
Timeline: Just before Mitsuhide Akechi rebels at Honnōji Temple.

Personality: Lady Nō is the wife of the infamous Demon King, Nobunaga Oda. A woman known throughout the land not only for her beauty, but also for her ruthlessness, she acts as one of a pair of Nobunaga's most trusted and beloved retainers (the other being Ranmaru Mori, and if you count Mitsuhide Akechi before his rebellion, it makes them three). She speaks and acts in a very seductive and alluring manner, and addresses both ally and foe with a distinct charm. She loves to be the center of attention when it comes to physical appearances, and deems her looks to above the rest. She is haughty and confident when it comes to all of her traits, and when in battle, she attacks with blood lust. Wholly dedicated to her husband and his ideals, Nō will do anything and everything in order to make his dream of conquering Japan come true. She is also very sly, able to assess a situation with a sharp eye and comeback it with her wiles. How she does that is completely up to a person's imagination (Let her smaller-than-usual clothing give you a hint). Not to be underestimated, however, Nō will not hesitate to do what is asked of her from her Lord using both her unique charisma and her claws to boot.

What your character can offer: Sexual innuendo Sex? Boobs Legs Voice post sex? She has no magical abilities, but she is very in-tune with her femininity, and will use her assets to get what she wants, whether it's attention or...something else. Her skills in battle are honed to a frighteningly precise degree, and she has some wisdom when it comes to men and making them bow before a woman's will so get ready to hide the children.

What items will they be bringing with them? She'll be bringing her claws (Her last weapon in the game; Blood Viper), the clothes on her back (which she'll discard sooner or later anyway), a foldable fan and a few bombs she uses in her attacks.

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