Nōhime 濃姫 (ecstasyinvenom) wrote,
Nōhime 濃姫


[When the communicator clicks on to record, you can hear a distinct purr or groan of some sort before she speaks.]

Oh, light so soon? And I was just starting to get comfortable. It makes for a nice cozy little space, the dark.

[She means to add something, but she pauses, ponders, and returns with a different voice. More serious, this time.]

This place--Discedo, was it?--tell me everything about it. The people who're here, where they're from, when they're from. Leave nothing out.

[Ahh, there returns her usual (or perhaps unusual) charm. She chuckles lowly.] I'm a big girl. I can take a few dirty little secrets.
Tags: communicating through tags ftw, i'm so tired i don't even have tags for, tell me if she's in the wrong room like
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